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Название: Blizzard is likely to want to see a rise in the number of WoW WOTLK classic's su
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According to a person who took this survey via Reddit (verified by an official Blizzard representative) The survey states that you will get all previous WoW WOTLK classic expansions and also a month of gaming time, and an "exclusive" game-exclusive item when you purchase tickets to see the movie. The survey does not declare that it's included in the game base, however it's possible that this is as a fact.

As of now, Blizzard is only exploring the concept. If they do provide a package, its contents may be altered between now and when the movie is released.

P2Pah has reached out to Blizzard in an effort to learn more about the company's plans for potential crossovers between World of Warcraft and WoW WOTLK classic.

The next expansion for WoW WOTLK classic, Legion, launches this summer, which also happens to be when Duncan Jones's film World of Warcraft comes to cinemas. Game creator Brian Holinka told P2Pah in November that that the release of the film will draw new players to WoW WOTLK classic.

"It's more of an expansion of the horizon of the universe for everyone," he said about the film in the moment. "For us, the focus is on the game. The movie will be in the game in the game or not, expansion and the quality of gameplay experience and content are what's will make people remain and enjoy the game. I'm sure it'll make a lot of people excited. It's also likely to draw many people towards"Legion," which is an excellent thing."

Blizzard is likely to want to see a rise in the number of WoW WOTLK classic's subscribers. In the latest period of Activision's reporting, WoW WOTLK classic lost another 100,000 subscribers, reducing the number to a record lower at 5.5 million. Activision will host its most recent earnings conference in the coming week, but the company has made a decision to not share subscriber numbers.

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